Ali Omid | Photographer

Ali Omid is a highly experienced Afghan photographer, journalist, and graphic designer with over two decades of expertise in his field. Born in 1981 in Zard Sang, a village in the Panjab district of Bamyan province, Omid received his primary education at Zard Sang school and completed high school at Panjab High School. In 2003, he earned his university degree in Graphic Design from Kabul University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

Omid honed his skills in photojournalism under foreign instructors at the Aina Cultural Center for three years and later received his master’s degree in Advertising and Press Graphics from Istanbul’s Mimar Sinan University in 2015. For over six years, he worked as a professor and head of the Photography Department at Kabul University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Prior to that, he served as a publications design officer and as a reporter, film, and photo section manager for Afghanistan’s 15th parliament.

Omid has also worked as a photojournalist and technical manager in the Ministry of Justice’s publications department for one year. He has collaborated with the German Goethe and GIZ institutes in the cultural sector, the Canadian embassy in Kabul, and the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in the field of photojournalism and computer science. Omid’s images, graphic designs, cartoons, and news photographs have been published in dozens of domestic and foreign newspapers, weeklies, magazines, and websites.

Omid is a prolific artist and has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals. He is proficient in computer programs for administrative and 2D and 3D graphics. He is also a member of several cultural and educational institutions and has participated in several internal and external photography and art exhibitions. Omid has traveled extensively since his service, visiting countries such as India, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, China, Indonesia, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, and Germany.

Ali Omid is fluent in English, Turkish, Persian, and Pashto. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany, where he is an active member of the Bakhtar Institute of Culture and research. As a distinguished member of Sheesha Media, he continues to expand his expertise in the fields of graphics, photography, and journalism.