Murtaza Ibrahimi

Murtaza Ibrahimi is a dynamic and accomplished business professional passionate about community development and promoting education and gender equality. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration majoring in management from the American University of Afghanistan, Murtaza has dedicated his career to positively impacting his community.

For now, Murtaza is a Community Development Worker at the Saskatoon Open Door Society, a prominent Canadian non-governmental organization. In this role, he has worked tirelessly to help newcomer refugees and immigrants in Canada integrate into their new home.

Murtaza is also the founder and president of the We Can Society, a group of young Afghan volunteers committed to promoting education and gender equality. Through this organization, Murtaza has spearheaded numerous initiatives to empower women and girls and improve access to education in Afghanistan.

In addition to his impressive work in community development, Murtaza is also a talented singer with a keen sense of art in music. He has pioneered the SA Music band at Marefat High School in Afghanistan, showcasing his musical talents to the delight of audiences nationwide.

Murtaza’s impressive track record and commitment to social responsibility have earned him a position on the Board of Directors at Sheesha Media. He was instrumental in the company’s creation, contributing significantly to the registration and structural processes. Additionally, he led the development of the Sheesha Media website and social media pages before handing them over to professional staff.

Murtaza Ibrahimi is a true leader in his field, combining his business acumen with a genuine desire to make a difference in the world. His dedication and passion for community development and social responsibility have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and peers.