Murtaza Zargar

Murtaza Zargar is a highly skilled and experienced web developer, social media manager, and programming instructor. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kabul University and Cisco Certified Network Associate certification, he has a strong technical background in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, Python, and database design and development.

Murtaza has worked with several organizations as a web developer, including Sheesha Media, where he has been responsible for website design, maintenance, and social media management. As a freelance programming instructor, he has been teaching coding to Afghan immigrants in the US and Malaysia, preparing curriculum for online classes, and evaluating students based on activities and projects. He is also working on Cluster Education website which is an initiative to help Afghan girls with quality Education in vital subjects of English, Farsi/Pashto, Math, Physics and Chemistry as well as weekly online Empowerment sessions.

In addition to his technical skills, Murtaza has experience in project management, branding, marketing, and team building. He has founded his own start-up and participated in entrepreneurship programs, including the Founder Institute Alumni and Incubated Graduate.

Murtaza is also an active volunteer and has coordinated TEDxKabul and CodeWeekend events, as well as served as a computer instructor at the Lincoln Learning Center at Kabul University.

With his extensive experience and technical expertise, Murtaza is a valuable asset to the Sheesha Media organization looking to develop and implement new ideas and innovations to the program.