Sediquallah Daqiq | Pashto Trnaslator

Sediqullah Daqiq is a highly experienced senior editor of Pashto language at Sheesha Media with over six years of work experience in the media industry. He has served in various roles such as Translator, Reporter, Editor, Content Writer, and Social Media Manager, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise along the way. As a freelancer, he has written numerous articles on social and political issues for different newspapers and magazines.

Sediqullah’s educational background includes a degree in Media from the Faculty of Journalism & Communication at Kabul University, where he acquired the essential skills required for the media industry. He is proficient in three languages, Pashto, Dari, and English, and is well-versed in using computer software such as Ms. Office, Adobe edition, iMovie, Cool edit, Adobe premiere, In design, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Sediqullah has attended various workshops and training programs, including Reporting of Human Rights Violations by AIHRC, Social Media Use Training Program by IECC, and How to report from Television? (Training by IECC). He also attended two different workshops from Save the Children, one on How to write for children? and the other on Pedagogy of children.

Apart from his professional work, Sediqullah is passionate about photography, drawing, dairy writing, studying, and traveling.

Sediqullah’s dedication to his work and his proficiency in several languages and computer software make him an ideal candidate for the role of Pashto Editor and Social Media Associate. His experience as an editor and writer at Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Bridge Translation Service has helped him refine his skills and become an expert in his field.